Sunday, May 31, 2009

baby progress

For those of you who do not stalk on facebook, this is our little peanut the very first time we got to see him or her. It was so reassuring to see the baby for the first time. I had called the doctor's office to confirm our appointment and asked if we would be getting an ultrasound at this time. The receptionist told me that because it was just a confirmation appointment we would not have an ultrasound at this time. We were ecstatic (and thankful for our amazing insurance) when the doctor went ahead and squeezed us in to see the baby! We had already fallen in love with the idea of being pregnant and I knew that the baby inside of me was becoming more and more a large part of my heart. When the ultrasound tech found the baby and we could see the tiny heart fluttering away, I could not help but feel overwhelmed. It was not just a plus sign on a test, it was a real life growing inside of me!

This is our little (less peanuty baby) one at 13 weeks. The tech put the wand to my belly and started to look for our baby. When they found the baby, the sound was not turned on so I was thinking "Where is the heartbeat"...then I saw the heart and was happy! The little bugger was being extremely difficult. The tech needed to get very specific shots to measure different parts of the baby. Part of this ultrasound was to look for certain tendencies to have conditions that doctors want to be aware of. We were just glad for the chance to have a date with our baby (even though Mattie didn't come to this one). When the baby refused to turn the way the tech needed, it was time to try to force the baby to do some acrobatics. I had to cough (I thought only guys did that at the doctor), laugh, and turn over on both sides until the baby turned the way we needed. I thought it was funny that the baby already has a mind of it's own, just like Mama! I also did not mind all the extra time with the tech. We are a little scared of this picture because we know that the front view of this baby makes him or her look like an alien (Mattie specifically says the alien from the movie Predator), but we love our baby anyways!

Our next ultrasound will be June 24th. This would technically be the ultrasound where we would find out if it would be a him or a her, but we are hoping for tightly closed legs (or at least tightly closed eyes) so that we cannot see! Going old school and waiting until November!!!

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Whihoo for ultrasounds!