Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gender guesses

So many people are very opinionated as to what Matt and I are having. People are actually getting quite adamant one way or the other. Early in the pregnancy I really felt boy...lately I have more frequently felt girl...but I won't put money on any of my intuitive guesses. I have always wanted to wait to find out what I was having. I really enjoy surprises and although I know it is a surprise either way, I would like to draw it out as long as possible. Matt originally wanted to know and was a little disappointed when I asked if we could wait, but now is excited about the prospect of being the one to tell everyone that he has a new son or daughter after experiencing the delivery. I read in a book that it is kind of nice to let the new daddy shine in the spotlight. 

Although we do not want to see with an ultrasound what we are having, we have looked at some quizzes and online predictor charts to see what they say. A quiz on babyzone.com informed me that I am either having a boy or a girl...thanks...that was really helpful. The standard Chinese Predictor Chart (age 24, month of conception February) 

Chinese Lunar Calendar

says we are having a girl, but with a 58% chance of it being a boy and a 42% chance of it being a girl...confusing. The Chinese Lunar calendar (putting in my birthday and the day of conception) says boy. With no consistency in all of these prediction methods, I fail to believe any of them. The only sure fire way to know is to wait until this little sucker comes out to see if they will be a linebacker for the Aggies or a basketball star for the Women's team!

Note: Matt wanted me to add on that he liked that we were waiting to find out because it meant more of our stuff would be gender neutral thus adding value to our new baby when we are ready for a second...

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