Saturday, May 2, 2009


So....thinking that it would take us some time (or at least more than one try) to get pregnant we had booked our trip to Europe well in advance of ever deciding that we might be ready for kids. Seeing as we found out two full weeks before we left, we figured that as long as we listened to my body we would be OK. Looking back on the trip, I was a little more miserable than I wanted to be for my first trip to Europe. Reflecting on the nausea (but never any throw up) that I experienced almost incessantly, I doubt that I enjoyed the food as much as I could have. Additionally, we spent a good deal of time on trains, riding backwards. I have a tendency to get motion sick anyways, so add that onto nausea, tiredness, and not being able to find food that actually sounded appetizing (so I often opted to wait to eat) and I see that I traveled around spending more time trying to feel better than I did truly experiencing what was there. 

I did enjoy myself (just not as much as a history 
nerd like myself should have). Matt also learned very quickly that when I said I was hungry...I meant I was already hungry...not that we should eat in the next hour. Here are a few pictures of
 our first family vacation.

Dublin for St. Patty's Day
English/Scottish border

Paris at Sunset
Sacre Couer (coolest church...worth the hike)

So we know that one day our little wee one will complain that we never take him or her to cool places and in this case we can say that they had been to four countries even if they don't remember it. 

Also, we saw Martha, Ben, and their son Liam on this trip. They currently reside in Durham which is located in North England. It was good to see them, but really hard to keep our little secret from them.

Coming up next: telling family about our Fightin' Texas Aggie!

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martha said...

Good thing for you we are a little slow on the up-take! ;-)