Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crepe (not creep) video

Over spring break Mattie and I crossed the pond and went to London, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Durham (in North England). While we were in Paris we knew we had to have crepes for our many friends and family members who are ga-ga over the french delight! If you have not had a crepe is a very thin cross between a pancake and an omelet. I say that it is a cross between the two because it definitely has more of an egg texture than a pancake. There is a distinct chewiness that only comes from extra eggs in the batter. From my understanding there is only one kind of crepe, but the fillings vary. Both McKay (Matt's sister) and Roberds (one of my co-workers) freak out over Nutella filled crepes. SMurphy (who we met over in Paris) rather enjoyed a Nutella/Banana combo. I myself rather enjoyed the strawberry crepe. The crepes are usually made fresh (although they are sometimes merely reheated) and served warm. By the time we had our crepe the sun was setting and we could see the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triumph in the background. We ate our warm crepe filled with perfectly sweet strawberry jam and could not imagine a better Paris snack. Later, we walked over to Notre Dame and ate a savory crepe (filled with cheese and chicken). The picture is our savory crepes being made as the French guys made fun of us.

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McKay said...

Yay crepes!!

Ricky Bobby: "are those those really thin pancakes?"