Tuesday, June 12, 2012


MacKenzie is turning into such a little girl. She analyzes and observes everything, she has definite preferences, and it just simply fun to hang out with and spend time with. She loves to be read to and likes book that are above her level to be read to her. She loves certain songs like the Fightin' Texas Aggie song and the "Porch" song that are on one of my c.d.s in my car. She likes picking out her outfits, bows, hairstyles, and food and really loves to help make said food when she can. She often thinks about others, tells us how much she loves them, even when she hasn't seen them for awhile. She is playing more and more with Keegan and teaching her things/being a big sister to her/bossing her around. I just marvel and this child who was in my belly just a short three years ago and who she has turned into already. I guarantee you that she has already exceeded my expectations and is more than we deserve.

Funny things she has said recently:

"Mommy, come up stairs, I am done with my nap, ready to watch Signing Time, need a snack and some milk." When that didn't work she called out, "Mommy come up stairs, I want to give you a big hug".

"I love Elsha, she is so cuuuuuute, she has yellow hair."

"That's just the air conditioning, I not scared, it not hurt me."

Putting a purse on her arm and pretending to leave the room, "Bye, bye. See you later"

Funny things she remembers and comments on:
That Santa "lives" at Chick Fil A and he gave her a candy cane.
That a bug landed on her cheese and tried to eat it one day.
That she saw a beetle in the parking lot at Kroger and it didn't bother her.

I just want to remember these moments forever and treasure each one!

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