Saturday, May 19, 2012


Matt and I never really care about what gender child we get. Each time we are happy with boy or girl. There are so many benefits from what we see to each gender. When we were pregnant with Keegan, one of those many benefits of having a girl would be that MacKenzie would have a sister so close in age to her. I can admit that some part of me hoped that if I had a girl at some point that I would want another girl so there could be sisters. My sister and I did NOT get along very well as kids. For whatever reason it was just a fact, but now I rather enjoy my sister and look forward to the little time I do get to spend with her. This was huge in me hoping that at some point I might get to raise sisters. 

As siblings/sisters it is fun to watch them bond. It is fun to watch MacKenzie run after Keegan and say "No Keegan, give me a hug, give me a kiss!". It is fun to watch Keegan slyly take one of MacKenzie's toys, shriek with delight when she succeeds, then crawl or run away as fast as she can. It is fun to watch Keegan "help" Daddy give MacKenzie a bath by rubbing her back in the bathtub. It is fun to listen to the girls on the monitor as MacKenzie gives Keegan every single stuffed animal in their room while Keegan is trying to sleep in her crib.

They already fight and get mad at each other, they are already so different, but still I am so glad they have one another. I am so happy to be their Mommy and look forward to them both being Big Sisters to the new baby- Baby Raptor due this fall. 

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Genealogy...Living in the Past Lane! said...

Congratulations to your family! I grew up with Matt, but have been following your blog for a bit. I love the insider Mom tips you give! So excited to hear of your news, you guys have a wonderful family that will be such a blessing for this new little one! Congrats!
~Beth from