Saturday, May 19, 2012

Update on Keegan


So sorry for the delay, here is a very big update just for you!!!

You began walking right around Mommy's birthday when you were exactly 13 months old. I think it is funny that you are hitting milestones at almost the exact same time your sister did. We will think you are just behind or just ahead of her and then look back and you are exactly on track. You started walking with  pretty large gait to make sure you were strong and steady. It was so cute to see your thighs and ankle rolls help support you on your little flat feet. You have now progressed into a very good walker. You almost seem to jog sometimes and will definitely march and try to hop along with your sister. You are mastering the spin move when dancing right now and I think you are pleased that you can add this movement to your wild dance movements. You are definitely an active and ferocious baby...scratch that...tot! You like to play what we call "Up down". All evening long you want up the couch, down the couch, walk around the couch, sit on the floor, stand by the toy box, up the couch, down the couch...repeat. We really should not be surprised, you moved a ton in my belly and we loved watching all of your movement from the outside. Why should it be any different now that you are here in the wide open world? 

You are still a sleeper. If allowed you will sleep from 8:30 to 8:30 and from 12:30 to 5 or later and if it is raining it will be very hard to wake you up. You still sleep with your middle and ring finger firmly planted in your mouth. Some nights you suck on them so hard you get little blisters from your teeth at the base of your fingers. Mommy thinks it is funny because sometimes you either talk in your sleep or will wake up for a few minutes then go back to sleep on your own. Daddy sometimes gets tricked by this and will go get you up from your nap...we pay for that later on when you are super tired!

You are a good strong eater. You like many different kinds of food and are trying to master a spoon or a fork, but because your skill level cannot keep up with the rate at which you want to shovel food into your mouth, you usually just hold the utensil in one hand and use the other hand to grab handfuls to shove into your mouth. You will eat almost anything and are very observant of what other people have to eat in comparison to you. You will make it known (usually with a loud, banshee style screech) if you feel you are being wronged and not given your fair share. All the foods that you were showing an aversion to you will now eat with the exception of eggs (egg-ception). Those are still hit or miss for you, but you are not seeming to break out too much when you eat them which is a good sign.

There are so many things you love to do, walk around outside, play catch with the ball, get tickled by animals, read Touch and Feel books, swing in the swingset, and in general just watch what everyone else is doing. You love to investigate and observe everything. We like watching when something falls under the couch. You will crouch down as low as you can, look for it, and say "uh-oh" with pursed lips. 

Your vocabulary (both spoken and signed) is increasing tremendously. You will sign and say "please", "more", "dog", "cat", "book", "bird" and "ball". You will sign "thank you", "airplane", "bread", "cracker", "milk", "food", and "penguin". You make the sounds for many different animals like dog, cat, monkey, tiger, elephant, sheep, cow, and bird. You will point out door, floor, wall, fan, Mommy, Daddy, and MacKenzie. You also say your own version of all of those words and will also say "baby". Lately you have been pointing to your diaper in dismay and saying "poopoo" if you want us to change it. It is funny to watch what you pick up on from us and what you pick up on from your sister. Daddy and I both feel that we need to pour a lot of time into teaching you new words right now because you are drinking it all up. 

We are really loving spending time with you and getting to know you as your own unique individual. We cannot wait to see who you become over the next few weeks alone because you are changing so fast. We love you endlessly!

Mommy and Daddy

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