Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Raptor progress

So we are almost 17 weeks along with Baby Raptor. This pregnancy has been crazy different from the first two, but there are real and legitimate reasons for that which will have to wait for another blog post. We don't know the gender, nor will we find out until delivery so it is not because we are having a boy rather than a girl...or maybe we are...we just don't know! I have felt much, much more nauseous and tired with this one than the older two. Basically from noon to 10 at night I am trying to fight off puking everywhere...and it has gotten worse over the past couple of days. I will say that although there is only one in there, my hormone level count (Free beta hcG which is the "pregnancy hormone") is as high or higher than many twin pregnancies. We are still super excited to be pregnant and couldn't be more thankful for another go around at this. I just have to keep reminding myself that at most I have 23 more weeks of this and if I deliver early like I did with the girls then I should have slightly less than that. 23 weeks of nausea does seem a little intense, but I will get through it one day at a time avoiding the foods that are definite no-no's (donuts, salmon, some shrimp, and oddly enough...watermelon).

Here are some progress pictures...three kids in three years lead to extra early baby pooch!

Baby Raptor at 8 weeks 

Baby Raptor at 12 weeks

Baby Raptor making his or her presence known at 16 weeks

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The Marin Family said...

Super cute belly pics! Raptor must be a cutie already!! Wait... didn't you just eat Salmon?!