Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Keegan Joy

Keegan's vocabulary is exploding all over the place. You have to spend some time with her to know what she is saying, but she definitely gets her point across. She is into everything and everyone else's business. I like to talk about her being a leech at group get togethers. She will convince everyone to pick her up, give her treats, snacks, and drinks. This past weekend I know she drank at least three capri suns, ate two small bags of chips, and had two popsicles because of her conning others into giving her food. She can be pretty intense and that swing both ways. People ask us if things bother her (hot pavement on her feet, certain foods, etc) and we make sure to laugh and tell them that Keegan never has any problems telling us when something is wrong. She is playing more and more, both on her own and with her sister and it is fun to see how she interacts with the world around her. She loves babies, stuffed animals, and purses or bags. She also just simply likes being around others and will often lay down on the floor or next to someone cuddled up and watching what goes on around her. Thank goodness the 7 teeth she was cutting all at once have, for the most part, broken through and hopefully that will cut down on the drama that Keegan has been feeling. We sure do love her no matter what kind of mood she is in!

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