Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mac Update


I didn't think you would need a monthly post on your birth day anymore, but I hope that I can periodically remember to update you on all of the going-ons in your life. We have said it time and time again, but it shocks us now how much of a little girl you are now. You are without a doubt no longer a baby...but we forget that sometimes. You have developed so much over the past few months and are capable of so much!

You are so silly and love to laugh and make us laugh. A lot of people don't get to see that side of you because you can be cautious around other people sometimes and will get very serious around strangers. We are always laughing at things you are doing though. Today you grabbed books for Daddy to read and you said "It's a big, heavy book" as you were lifting them up. It was amusing to see you use such grownup descriptions of your books. Last night we were at the Medlin's house and you were holding Henry's balloon and said "Kenzie holding Henry's's nice!" We love the huge sentences coming out of our little two year old. Your mind works so quickly and you are often putting together full sentences with descriptors and context. We have also started to notice that you will make assumptions about the pictures in books or things you see in real life. For example you will claim something is "hiding" if you do not see it in a picture. We cannot help but laugh at some of the times you have an accident because of your reaction. This is, of course, when you aren't seriously hurt. If you stub your toe or hit your hand you will say "oh-ho-ho-ho" or "ooo-who-who-who" and we aren't sure where you got that from. The other day at dinner you spilled your milk and said "What happened, what happened?" in the most pitiful voice that we had to stifle our laughter. You also repeat a lot of our phrases and words so it is fun to watch what you pick up on for us.

You are a breakfast girl lately and love pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, and peanut butter sandwiches. You have been less hungry for snacks, lunch, or dinner, but will usually take at least a bit of food at each meal and you have been snacking on bananas, oranges, or apples with much enthusiasm so we cannot be at all disappointed in that. You also like to snack on Chex or any kind of cereal. You drink like a fish and will gulp down watered down juice or tea or even plain ice water whenever you can. You will drink some from a regular cup, but only at mealtime and only with a little in the cup. You use your fork and knife most of the time. One of your funny eating habits involves deconstructing your peanut butter sandwiches so that you eat out all of the peanut butter then eat the bread. We also work hard to make sure you stay at the table until everyone is done eating then you ask Daddy if you can play. If we ask you what you want for dinner it is usually chicken nuggets, hamburger, or pizza, of course Roni and cheese is your old fallback.

You run everywhere you can and are hopping and jumping all over the place. You like to march and stomp and will dance only when you are sure nobody is watching. You also like to bounce incessantly on your play horse. You love to play with puzzles and to build and knockdown towers. For Christmas you got a little play castle and you thoroughly enjoy that. Recently you began "cooking" pretend food for use to play eat. Of course your favorite is still to read books. You will still sit for hours reading different books. Your favorites right now are a Curious George book, several paperback Sesame Street Books, and your Highlights magazine. You will sleep with stuffed animals, but we rotate through so you aren't too attached to any one. You especially like a black and brown puppy, your gorilla named George, a stuffed T-Rex, and a Tigger.

You and Keegan are very much turning into friends and you will actually play together some these days. You love to make each other laugh and while you do get frustrated with her sometimes, I know you are enjoying having her in your life too. You are also doing really well at remembering your friends and family and linking different people together. You are associating the correct people with events. This month we visited Nana at her assisted living home for their Christmas party. There you saw Santa and a horse. Later the next week we were taking you to see Santa and get pictures at Chick Fil A so we asked if you wanted to go see Santa. You said yes and then asked "Nana's house?" to which we were shocked that you remembered that, then you asked "See horse?". We never knew our little girl could remember so much. On that note you now think Santa lives at "Chicky-Ray-Ray" which is what you call Chick Fil A!

We love you so much little girl. We genuinely enjoy spending time with you and rarely do we want to leave you with a babysitter to be away from you. We take you almost everywhere we go and love running around town with you and Keegan. Our hearts literally want to burst with pride and love for you. We hope you feel the love now and hope whenever you read these you will feel that love for you!!!


Being Silly

You generally have messy hair like this

Making funny faces

"Kenzie sit in box"

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