Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Keegan at 10 months


Last week you turned 10 months old. Wow! I cannot believe how fast you are growing up. I realize that our job as parents is to guide you along the way as much as we can in order to prepare you for becoming you own person, but I just wish it would slow down a bit. Didn't you come with a pause button?

You are so physically active. I remember you being very much so in my belly, but I think it is amusing to see that translate to out here in the open as well. You are always moving, exploring, and getting into everything. You love to crawl around, but it almost seems like you are not satisfied with crawling and wish you could walk. I promise that it will be soon. You like to pull up on furniture and reach for as much as you can. You also love to bounce to music while pulled up and will really groove! Your body is always wiggling and moving around, I hope you stay active your whole life!

You are an amazing eater and will eat almost anything we put in front of you. You have not been a huge fan of bananas or olives, but other than those two things, you eat whatever we eat just in smaller form. You would think you wouldn't be a huge fan of chewing things with just two little teeth, but you manage to chew an awful lot...or you will just stuff it all into your mouth and hope it isn't too much for you to manage! You really like pasta, bread, green beans, and fruit. But I don't know that anything is your favorite yet. You certainly enjoyed all of the Christmas food we had and I think you have been eating as much if not more than your sister.

You have really started looking at and enjoying books recently. You will babble when you see a book you like or shriek with happiness if you like the picture. You love the touch and feel books, especially the pages with animals. You also enjoy stuffed animals, dolls, and any toy that makes noise. Yesterday you chased the big red ball around the house a bit. You love messing with anything MacKenzie is playing with and will lurch for any electronics that are around.

You are a sleepy baby! If we let you, you will sleep from 8:30 to 8:30 and will take two solid 2-3 hour naps. Many days you don't get quite that much. You are so easy to put to sleep too, you will fuss for about 20 seconds then lay on your tummy, suck on your fingers, and pass out. Sometimes you wake up for a bit and fuss, but we know unless you are getting really upset to just let you sleep some more. You seem to be enjoying sharing a room with your sister and she loves to throw books and stuffed animals in your crib when you two are awake in the morning. I am glad you find delight in that.

You are laughing, squealing, and babbling more each day. It seems like you are starting to wave bye bye and you understand the signs for milk and more. Sometimes you do the sign for milk, but we aren't as consistent as we should be. You definitely say Mama and Dada and it seems at the end of our prayers (at meals and bed time) that you will say "Ay-ay", but we aren't sure if it is a definite word or not. You also seem to be getting the hang of putting your hands above your head for "Yay!". You love bath time with sissy and Daddy and you love to be tickled and snuggled. You are also getting in the habit of playing with and chasing MacKenzie so it will be nice to see how you two get along in years to come.

We love you Keegan Joy. You are an amazing and unique little girl who brings much happiness to our lives.
Mommy and Daddy

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