Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last years resolutions


To be honest I didn't do so hot. I wasn't on track this summer to complete this list or the my foodie list and we all know that there was no way I was going to get it done after I went back to work. Big Kudos for us in getting Matt into a MBA program and for making his job work for him a little better. We are also still working on organizing and rearranging finances.

I wonder if it is worth it to continue making lists of resolutions. I like it and don't mind putting it out there, I just feel frustrated by my unaccomplished lists. Maybe I am not specific enough or maybe a year long goal is too much...maybe I should look at monthly goals. I will have to mull over this and get back to you. Any ideas from resolution accomplishers out there?

One thing Matt and I are working on this year is The Love Dare. We are on Day three and I really like that it is a short little chunk each day that helps you refocus on your relationship each day. Thank you to my sister for letting us borrow the book.

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