Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Resolutions

I will still gladly take input from resolution keepers out there, but after much mulling, I think that I place too much pressure on myself by looking at year long goals. There isn't enough room for change, evaluation, and reflection in a year. It is too easy to put off until next week, next month, or next season. So we are going to try the whole monthly resolution. Knowing me it will probably not get past this post, but who knows...maybe that is the wrong attitude to have anyways. I should be more resolute with my resolutions. I WILL reflect on this at the end of the month! I WILL have accomplished these goals! I do think while I am trying to make this into easier to check off chunks that it is important to have overall goals in mind. But these feed well into the goals we all make all the time...get healthier, spend time more efficiently, be the best version of yourself...

First- Workout 30 minutes 3 times a week. This is as specific as it gets. It doesn't matter if it is at the gym, at school, walking with the girls, or doing a workout dvd.

Second- Limit myself on soda/extra drinks. I would like this to be two sodas or iced teas a week and limiting myself to Starbucks for testing days (a World History team tradition) and if I have a coffee date with a friend (hopefully I will be too busy for too many coffee dates). I will allow myself herbal tea and decaf coffee from home and address that if need be next month.

Third- Floss every other day. I am horrible about flossing, but I always feel better when I do floss consistently.

Fourth- Utilize time at work better. When I get to work early or during my off period I have a tendency to goof around. Obviously I am completely focused when the students are in the classroom, but I need to do better about the 30 minutes here and there that I have. Mainly, I need to stay off blogs and facebook during those off times.

Fifth- Clean house for 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday nights and either on Saturday or Sunday. Matt and I are both trying to get better about this. I want to really be productive in the times that he is at school after the girls go to sleep. I figure if I do this then I can really get into a habit by the time summer comes around. Plus, if I only focus on 30 minutes and set a timer then I will still have at least an hour to relax or grade before going to bed early!

Sixth- Try three new recipes. One for quinoa salad, one for lentils, and one freebie. This seems manageable and potentially healthy!

Seventh- Read your daily devotional for The Love Dare. As mentioned previously I would like to see this through the year.

All support and accountability will be welcome!

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