Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We have been in desperate need for rain. This is the longest dry spell I can remember. It has been so long since the ground has been soaked that it isn't even that humid in Houston right now! The ground is taking in every ounce of extra moisture that it possibly can. What is Houston without humidity? I can remember as a kid that there would be rain most afternoons in the summer. It was great to do errands or chores with my mom (who got summers off with us) and then swim at the YMCA until lunch time, then head home and rest inside while a thunderstorm rolled in. I have always loved the rain. I would watch those thunderstorms as a kid either snuggled up on the couch with my mom and sister or underneath our car port. I distinctly remember one of these days that we went swimming then were at home while it rained and my mom either baked or heated up a spice cake or a gingerbread loaf. She usually didn't make something like this so I remember it as being special...It was warm and soft and I think about it often when it rains. I loved the smell of the rain and how everything is darker because of the clouds, but the green in the trees and grass just comes alive with the prospect of getting a much needed soak. My mom and dad took us to Colorado when I was either in middle or high school and we stayed part of the time in Keystone and Beaver Creek. Keystone and Beaver Creek are both nestled into the mountains a bit and I don't recall which one this was at, but I do remember a thunderstorm coming as we were walking around one of them. The way the thunder boomed off the mountains was amazing and I was both scared and awestruck at the same time. It was very cool to have surround sound thunder! My fascination with rain continued and increased when much to my delight it rained the weekend that MacKenzie was born. I loved snuggling her in my arms while watching the rain on the day we brought her home. As you can tell...I love the rain. So I was amazed and thankful when I woke up to a thunderstorm and rain this morning. I even got out of bed and went and smiled at Matt who was getting ready for his day of work. I then opened the curtains and dozed while watching the rain. Apparently my girls love the rain too as they are still sleeping at 9:30 (usually Keegan wakes at 7:30 and MacKenzie wakes at 8). I am looking forward to the day that I can snuggle up with them on the couch or in bed and enjoy the rain together!

Not a picture of rain, but a picture that we have none the less...

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