Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keegan is a year!

I know what you are thinking...that her birthday is not until February and we are just nearing her four month birthday, but I made a post about this with MacKenzie too! Keegan's life began a year ago yesterday (I think) and at this point a year ago her cells were rapidly dividing and moving into different places to become her heart, brain, skin, bones, and all the other wonderful parts that make her- her! So many characteristics about her were already set into place a year ago and just because we couldn't see her, she was there with us! A year ago she went from a hope and a dream to a reality and although we wouldn't know for another few weeks that we would be meeting her in early 2011, we prayed for the possibility that became Keegan. We love our baby girl and are so grateful that we have been blessed with her over the past year in all the ways she has been with us.

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