Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh yeah...

I forgot to write two things about MacKenzie that I didn't want to forget.

Lately she has been saying "What ees dis" and pointing to things. It is her first full sentence and I love how curious she is. She has also changed it around by pointing to something she knows (like a ball) and saying "Ees dis ball" then smiling as big as she can. So cute and so smart! I think it is amazing that she picked these sentences up just by listening to what I say and ask her all day.

She added in "I have (book)" as a random sentence this week. I think it is funny how she will try to catch our attention to what she is doing.

Something I wish I didn't have to write is the fact that she has a full grasp on the word "mine". Yah, I could do without that.

Another thing I wish I didn't have to report is that two friends gave their best efforts on our old hard drive to no avail. We know we can recover the pictures, but will have to save up a lot of money to do so. With all the pictures that weren't backed up it will be worth it in the end, but something I wish we didn't have to do (especially considering we thought we were safe).

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