Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just a little update...

Keegan is now over two weeks old and on Monday we got to "recognize" her due date with her in our arms! We love that we have gotten to enjoy our babies just a wee bit before their due dates. It is funny to hear the day and have it mean so much for about 9 months, then realize that your baby is already here. Matt went back to work on Monday which meant I got to take both kids to the pediatrician for Keegan's two week appointment all by myself. It wentrelatively well. Keegan must be doing a good job nursing because she gained back all of her weight and then some. She now weighs 8 pounds 2.5 ounces (half an ounce less than Mac at birth) and is 21 inches long (half an inch more than Mac). It is so odd to think that Keegan is just now the size that Mac was at birth. No wonder I have had an easier time with recovery this time around! The weight is also dripping off this time around, I suppose it helps that I only gained half the weight this time around and that I have a toddler to chase and entertain!

We are settling into a nice routine and (knock on wood) things have been going fairly well. It helps that people are still bringing us meals a few times a week, but I have a freezer full of meals ready for those difficult days that I am sure are coming up. We are so pleased with our life and with our little girls!

On Saturday we took some time to make treats and goodie bags for the nurses at the hospital. We had a good time showing off our two week old and had a good visit with our lab
or and delivery nurse who is expecting her own little girl very soon! We are so appreciative to the staff at the hospital and the important role they play in such treasured
days. We will also be taking treats to my doctor's office when I go for my followup. I cannot express how much I like the medical team that assists in our deliveries!

MacKenzie has been doing well with adjusting to Keegan. I think she will be an amazing big sister. She is a bit fussy (one she is adjusting, two she is getting all four incisors at the same time). She is learning in leaps and bounds and I like teaching her all sorts of things each day. Before we would learn one or two things a day and now I can teach her several things at a time (today we learned door, wall, and floor all while mommy used the restroom... :0) ). Everyone always comments on how confident, independent, and smart she heart bursts with pride when she does something new. She is also just plain funny...she is always trying to make us laugh!

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