Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last bits of pregnancy with Trike

My last bits of pregnancy was interesting...

At my 38 week appointment I was 3 cm dilated, 50% effaced, had one contraction in 20 minutes, and was surprised to hear that Dr. Norton fully expected me to go into labor that weekend. I was super happy that she texted the dr on call to make sure she was notified when I went into labor so she could come in to deliver. The appointment all in all was a great one, the nurses were excited to see what I was having, Dr. Norton was really positive, and I was happy that I had made some progress. Of course, we now know Dr. Norton was right and I would go into labor less than 48 hours later.

I hadn't been feeling great all that week so we aren't sure if it was the stomach bug that is going around, early labor, or some combination of both. I was restless in sleeping, not feeling good, having more contractions (but nothing consistent), and using the restroom constantly. I think my body was prepping for labor, but wasn't working in synch yet.

I was really glad I went into labor when I did. At about 38 weeks you are just tired enough, still enjoying being pregnant, but starting to get impatient, and just feeling comfortable with self induction methods (like walking...not castor oil). I had been walking with MacKenzie a lot because I figured it couldn't hurt. At the very least it would loosen things up for delivery and it would be good for both Mac and I to get fresh air. I had been working hard to make sure the house was at least somewhat straightened up and was glad for it when I went into labor.

Here are a few pictures of 36 weeks and right after my water broke...I know it is the same shirt, but they are two different times!

At 36 weeks

Post water break-age...doesn't look too different...

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