Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mac at 16 months


What an amazing month. I cannot continue without reminding you of the biggest part of this are officially a big sister!!! Keegan was born on Saturday and we are so excited to welcome her into our lives. So far you have been pretty good with her. Obviously you have no idea what is going on, but you are doing a good job giving her kisses, pointing to her ears, hair, feet ect, and trying to say her name (Tee). We think you will grow up to be a great big sister and hopefully you girls will be good friends. While we were in the hospital you got to visit with Kyle and Micah Hill (who had prayed they would be able to watch you soon) then spent the rest of the weekend with KiKi and Popi! They took you out to eat to PF Changs and to Pappasitos where all the servers doted on you. You loved to come visit Mommy and Daddy at the hospital where you acted like a ham and made all of our family, friends, and nurses laugh.

This month you are pretty much your average (but extra smart) toddler. We have gone on play dates to Chick Fil A with Jade and Jonathan and with Avah and Henry. You love to play in the play area. You won't crawl all the way up, you like to sit on one of the lower platforms and laugh at all the other kids as they rush by to climb and slide. You have also learned how to spin around (but you only spin right), how to march in place, and you are getting all around better at walking and climbing. We are still working on teaching you how to climb down the stairs. You do really well at other people's houses, but our stairs are pretty steep and can be slick so we think you are extra wary of them. You can now identify turtles, bicycles (along with the sign), grandpa (along with the sign), dolphins, frogs, and a few other animals in addition to all of the other animals and things I listed last time. We also started playing with some magnet letters recently and you can pick out the "F" and the "M". I am not sure why I started out with the f, but you went along with it. I hope you realize why we taught you the m! You still love to read (which is nice when I am nursing Keegan), but are becoming even more physically active. You like to push your car, stool, bench, or boxes around the house while crashing before steering around furniture. You have also enjoyed playing outside more and more and love to check the mail or walk out to the car when we are about to run errands.

You have been bogged down with a cold for the past two weeks (it is going around for sure) so we have been trying to do a lot to make you better. You haven't been super hungry lately, so I cannot report a lot on your eating habits (because they have been all over the place). Hopefully you will feel better soon and get back to your usual, consistent, champion eater self. Because you haven't felt great, we have gotten in a lot of snuggle time lately. This week Daddy and I put on a movie, popped some popcorn and sat with you on the couch. It was nice to spend time relaxing as a family and you loved the movie and the popcorn. We watched Happy Feet so you really liked the fact that it was a movie about animals with lots of music and dancing.

I am sorry there isn't more to report for this month. I promise we have had fun and we have spent a lot of time together. Daddy and I love our little first born and wouldn't trade you for anything. All of our love Mac! You are one special little girl!

Mommy and Daddy

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