Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keegan at one month


Today you are both one month and four weeks old. I love that you are sharing your one month birthday with Mommy's 27th birthday! Four weeks ago my contractions were just starting to build and in less than one hour you were in our arms. The past month has flown by.

It is hard to say if you are a good sleeper or not. Some nights you give us long 5 and 6 hour stretches, other nights you only give us 2 hours at a time. A few nights ago you slept for an hour and cried until I held you...then you fell fast asleep. You didn't want to eat, you just wanted your mommy. I was a little frustrated at the time, it was 4 a.m. after all, but I cannot help but feel a little prideful that you wanted your mom that bad. You are a good eater though, I have less issues nursing you than I did with your sister. You latch on well and are somewhat efficient with your eating. You must be growing over the past few days though because you have wanted to eat a lot of the day and Mommy has been extra hungry too which usually means you are eating a lot more. In the next few weeks we will start pumping a little bit to have some for you if Mommy needs to get out in a few months and also to share with the Milk Bank like we did with your sister's milk.

You are very strong and very healthy. You can lift your head up and keep it raised for a long time and you move around a lot until you are in a position that makes you happy. When I let you lay by me in the bed you will grunt and squirm until you are cuddled up right next to me. You spend most of your time sleeping, but when you are awake (and aren't crying to be fed) you are very alert. Your eyes look like they are penetrating and looking at everything, you look very observant. You will follow us with your eyes and it seems like you are following your own hands sometimes as you flail around.

Your hair is still dark, I would guess that it is a chestnut brown color. Your eyes still show blue, but sometimes they seem a bit hazel. We know we will need to wait to see what color they turn. Sometimes you look just like your big sister and sometimes you look like your own little person. It will be interesting to see how similar you two are! You are definitely smaller than her, you still have skinny little legs and you seem taller than she was. That being said, you have the cutest double chin that will not go away no matter how little your tummy is!

Keegan- it has been wonderful to add you to our family. It has been a learning curve to mothering two and there have been times when I was thankful to make it through the next five minutes, but you have been amazing and your daddy and I are so glad to have you in our lives. We love both of our girls and we cannot wait to see what the next month holds!

Mommy and Daddy

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Awww...your babies are beautiful!!