Thursday, March 24, 2011

17 months of Mac


Today you are 17 months old. Next month you will be 18 months which seems very old in Mommy's book. You are no longer a baby (which has nothing to do with your little sister being born), but very much a little girl toddler. You are so funny and you love to ham around, smile, and laugh. You can be serious around other people, especially people you don't know super well. On the other hand, sometimes you are far to sociable! Either way, you are a delight.

You usually eat like a pig, you still love Macaroni and Cheese and green beans, but you also really love bread. You are eating more protein than you were which helps ease Mommy's worrying about you getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need. I just want to make sure that you are healthy! Your absolute favorite treat is marshmallows, but you like to share a little bit of anything sweet that Mommy or Daddy might be eating. You won't eat too much though, usually just a bite or two then you will run off to play. You have been eating really well using a spoon or a fork. We showed you how and just sort of waited to see how things would go and they are going great! You do amazingly well and will switch the utensil back and forth between your right and left hand at different meals.

You still love to read, but are getting much more independent in your play time too. You like to play music and dance around the room. Your dancing usually consists of stomping around in a circle, but you will bob and bounce a little bit too. You have been climbing in your toy car to try and drive it, but you have only figured out how to pedal it backwards. So you will pedal it until you run into a wall or furniture then get out and play something else. You are also getting more and more into climbing, especially to sit in an adult chair. Speaking of climbing, you are now coming down the stairs unassisted which has made my life a lot easier as now I just need to stand behind you to make sure you don't fall and don't have to carry you and Keegan at the same time. You have been playing outside more (the weather has been wonderful) and every day we go check the mail together. In fact, I can ask you if you want to go bye bye or if you want to check the mail and you will make a beeline right for the door. You are getting close to running and still cannot jump even though you will move your entire body like you are trying to jump.

You sleep great and pretty much put yourself to sleep. Naps vary, but I can usually get about two hours out of you. After nap, unless we have errands or a play date, we will usually watch signing time. You will sign along with almost all of the signs and you know which part is coming next so you will say the words you know ahead of time. You have learned car, bike, train, and many others. In other learning, we are working on identifying letters. You can pick out (80-90% of the time) the letter S, I, F, M, A, B, C, and O. You love to say the letter O and now use "oh" as your general sound. All day today I heard "oh" every time you did something.

This month we went to the Livestock show which was very overwhelming for you (there were a lot of people there, but you liked it), to the zoo (you loved the elephant and the giraffes), and on several playdates. I am enjoying taking you places because you get so much enjoyment out of it.

MacKenzie- this month has been great. We love seeing your little smile and making you laugh. We love to spend time sitting with you and seeing you happy. You are so smart and such a good, sweet little girl. Thank you for all the wonderful moments of making us smile and blessing our lives!

Mommy and Daddy

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