Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Random question

I was thinking last night about getting things in order for Baby Trike and had a random question. I thought I would throw it on here to see who might know the answer. I am betting Margaret might know the answer (I would even take those odds to Vegas), but other mommies would know too! And I appreciate all of you!

For Baby #2 do you need to purchase new pacifiers (I am guessing yes)? What about new bottles? Or just the nipples? If you have to buy new nipples, do you need to buy the rubber things in the bottom of the bottle (for the vent-aire style bottle)? Anything else?

Thanks again ladies (and if there are any gentlemen out there).


Redden Family said...

I am pretty sure all that you need to do is re-sterilize all of the plastic items from the first baby. That is what I was planning, but let me know if I actually gotta buy new items.

martha said...

I'd buy new pacifiers (and did), but would probably use the same bottle stuff, unless it just looked really worn down.

Margaret said...

You are so funny... of course, I'll weigh in.

I agree. It's all about how worn they are. I tried to find an exact time frame on the internet, but didn't have any success.

I did buy new pacifiers and new bottle nipples since my girls are 2 1/2 years apart. Plus, the whole BPA thing came out in between my girls.

Also, you never know what preference one child will have when it comes to brand and shape of nipple.

Ashley Howard said...

We have extra soothies that were never opened so we are good there. The babies will be so close in age I think we can use the old bottle stuff for a bit! Thanks for all of your input!