Friday, September 3, 2010

In celebration

So for our 120th post we knew we had to put something special (ok, not really, but we needed a good intro)...

Anyways, we would like to introduce...

Our newest...


This is Baby Triceratops (Trike) due March 7th-ish. That makes me 13.5 weeks and on my way into the second trimester. We couldn't be happier for MacKenzie to have a little playmate on the way.

In response to all of the questions we have been getting so far:

Feeling great, but way more nauseous than last time. Not as bad as some people, but still more so than with MacKenzie. Definitely feeling more food aversions and have been sick a few times.

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while breast feeding. We are still nursing twice a day for now (with MacKenzie getting frozen pumped milk the rest of the day), but slowly reducing that as I have been contracting pretty hard while nursing her lately.

Yes, we do know what "causes" babies.

Yes, this one was planned (or as planned as you can get)...I guess a better phrase is "hoped for".

No, we are not finding out the gender until Matt can tell me in the delivery room and we will even be keeping our names hush hush until then as well.

I already have a bit of a baby pooch to show off, but am less enamored by the pooch this time as I have posted no weight gain yet and was very proud of that. I am still in regular clothes (which means I am doing "better" than last time), but despite my eating constantly I keep showing no actual gain. As long as the baby is healthy I suppose it is ok for now.

Again, we are super happy and are looking forward to this time around even more than last time...because we know for sure how amazing and indescribable the outcome is!