Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cool website

This website was posted on a message board that I am a member of. I thought it was a really great website and I love looking through all the things she has made. I think I am going to force Matt to take off some days of work and build me some new furniture. The builder used to peruse through The Pottery Barn catalogue and thought to herself, "I could make that" and then she did. I love a lot of their stuff so it is no wonder that I love her website. I also love that she has the plans and pictures online.



McKay said...

OMG! I want to cry I'm so happy!!! Her stacking storage squares are just what I've been wanting!! And she makes them so accessible! I honestly feel like I could do this with no outside help!!!!!!

Ashley Howard said...

I read your blog about needing storage and was hoping you had seen this post! I am so thankful to the random person who told me about it! Enjoy!