Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random picture

I posted this on facebook, but thought I would try here too...

In the early hours of labor Matt and I were taking pictures here and there to document our time before MacKenzie came. This picture was taken around midnight on October 23 in the "triage" room of Labor and Delivery. As you can see I am in my gown already, I have been checked, and they are just getting my room ready...

The problem comes about in that I have no idea why we took this picture and no idea why I am showing "the deuce" in it. We have the exact same picture without "the deuce" and I remember there was a purpose for this picture and my intention was to take more like it...I told Matt to remember why, but he obviously didn't and the labor and delivery amnesia kicked in where I can barely remember a thing! Here is what I know for sure:

1) I was already past 2 cm dilated
2) My contractions were not 2 minutes apart (thanks Cheryl for that suggestion)
3) It was not 2 am or pm
4) It was not because there were 2 babies inside of me
5) I was not drugged up at this point (despite the glazed over look in my eyes)

So any more guesses on is really bothering me because I know there was a reason for this picture so any help would be much appreciated (even if it is just silly guesses!)


Margaret said...

Are you 2 hour away from getting an epidural or something?

Had you been waiting at the hospital for 2 hours? Or been in labor for 2 hours?

Are there 2 more ladies in labor at the same time?

Okay, that's the quick Margaret brainstorm.

Ashley Howard said...

Those are wonderful ideas...not triggering any bells though! Good thoughts!

Ashley Howard said...

These are Karlin's guesses:

1. That there are only 2 of you for awhile longer
2. You'll be in room 2
3. You have to go number 2
4. You already went number 2
5. You're already considering baby 2
6. You want 2 diamond earrings for delivering this baby
7. You want to cut Matt's '2' off for putting you in this position (from Ryan)
8. You feel at 'peace'
9. Thought you'd have the baby by 2

I am thinking it is probably #9...I will have to check with Matt on that!