Thursday, July 1, 2010


So no pictures this time guys, but we have two little teeth pushing their way through MacKenzie's baby gums! Sunday morning at church I put my finger in MacKenzie's mouth in an attempt to get her to stop squaking (how do you spell that word?) as I got up to feed her and noticed something sharp! We pried open her little bitty mouth and saw a little tooth peeking up at us. We were super surprised considering she had not been unusually fussy or upset. The next day as we continued to measure her teething progress we noticed there were two little teeth buds pushing through, what a super baby to be cutting two teeth at once and hardly even fussing about it! So I no longer have a toothless baby....they grow up so fast!!! The reason there are no pictures is not for a lack of trying to see the little tooth. MacKenzie is very protective of her new teeth so we have only been able to sneak a few peeks at them assured that I will post pictures as soon as we get them!

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