Saturday, July 24, 2010

9 months already!


Today you are 9 months old and what a wonderful age it is! This past month has flown by and you are an amazing little girl who gives us plenty to brag about.

You are moving around, but I wouldn't call it crawling or scootching. If I get a chance I will take a video of it because it is hard to describe. I would call it more of a wiggle with purpose that happens to travel you around the room. You have gotten very close to crawling in the past two days and pretty soon Mommy is going to have to be very diligent about where you are. You are also getting better at pulling up and Grammy KiKi assisted you in taking little prancing steps the other day. We don't know that the crawling stage will last very long with you. You love to play and have gotten to the point where you will take your stuffed animals and give us "kisses" with them just like we give you. For some reason that has been a very favorite developmental milestone for Mama. Speaking of milestones, you have said your first word and Daddy was very disappointed. I told him I was going to ensure that at least one kid of mine would say Ma-ma first and you did. It is very cute and I am so happy you do so. You have started saying Da-da more consistently which is helping to ease your Dad's broken heart (just kidding). Last time I wrote a month letter to you I reported you had no teeth. Just a matter of days later your bottom two teeth cut right through with very little problems and you are now cutting your top two.

You love the water still and everyone loves to help you play in the pool and watch you splash and stick your tongue out to catch as much water as possible. You love animals, especially dogs and will laugh at them in person or on t.v.. You are enjoying sitting in our laps more while we read a book for you and sometimes you will even just spend some quiet time resting in our laps while looking around. You play with your stuffed animals more than anything else, but you really love real technology and will lurch for whatever is within eyesight. You babble a lot, which catches a lot of people by surprise at first. Many times Mommy can hear you on the monitor in the morning and you will be sitting up in your crib talking to yourself or your blankie.

You have the strangest sleeping habits, you are destined for bad hips. Many times we find you folded over like a clam in your crib, like you were sitting up with your legs in front of you and you folded over in half as you drifted off to sleep. You have also been tucking your legs underneath you like in a deep prayer. You move around a lot in the night, but hardly ever cry out so we are not sure if you get up and move or if you do it all in your sleep.

You are a great eater, but not of baby food purees. Mommy bought several books to make you food over the summer, but you are insistent on eating real food and do a great job of chewing it up. There are very few things you won't eat, the only thing I can think of that you have refused recently is the Bratwurst Daddy tried to feed you last night. I do want to try to work more on you feeding yourself over the next few weeks so hopefully next month I will be posting all about how you feed yourself!

We haven't done too much exciting this month, visited some family for lunches and things, went up to College Station, lots of trips to the grocery store, Target, and the gym. Mommy is looking forward to the fall when the weather is cooler for taking you places.

No pictures yet, we are headed to see family this weekend so the cameras and cards are all packed, I will post lots next week along with your stats from your doctor's appointment on Monday.

There isn't much left to say except I love you and you are simply wonderful!

Mommy and Daddy

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