Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is happening soon...

In our previous post we talked about the original stroller we received. This is it with the proud Daddy-to-be getting all ready to test it out.

We have two months or less (hopefully not more) to go! We stayed with my mom the past week so our 32 week picture is in a new and improved location. The belly has considerable growth, but at my last doctor visit I had not gained any weight which means the baby is taking all it can from me. As long as my uterus, and thus the baby, continues to grow the doctor said this is a good sign. We are finding it hard to believe that in about two months we will bringing our little T-Rex home with us. We are really looking forward to finding out who he or she is!

I like the shiny aspect of baby!

As far as how I feel, so far I feel great still. I am, of course, tired and my feet are swelling and I have some good pains in my lower back, but I am growing a I think all of those things are expected. I have recently found that a lot of people want pregnant women to feel miserable. After I respond that I am feeling great people look at me with great disappointment and sometimes disgust/disdain. It frustrates me that they expect me to mope around in despair while growing this little one inside me. I know my situation (in which I still feel awesome so late into the pregnancy) may not be the norm, but that doesn't mean you should be disappointed by this occurring. It also frustrates me when people ask if I am ready to pop (which I used to do and will no longer ever do). I am quite happy with this baby staying inside, getting stronger and healthier each day. There is no way I want the baby to come this early. And while we are expressing I am not having twins...and no I do not know what I am having!

The students have been very entranced by the belly. One student told me my poking out belly button looked like an eye! Other students become very concerned if I walk across the room to dim the lights or open the door and other students tell me not to get stuff off the floor. I thought I would be bothered by students touching my belly, but with the exception of a few who won't keep their hands away I have accepted an occasional touch from previous year students. The one exception to that rule is if they are perpetually tardy...I tell them I don't want my baby to get their late germs!

We go back to the doctor on Thursday for our final ultrasound (as long as everything checks out) and a checkup. This ultrasound will check the position of the baby (which I feel has moved into an up/down position) and how big the Baby T-Rex is. Until then, we will continue to try to get the people to finish the house and put it all in order...


martha said...

Yay, glad that you are feeling ok and that baby is growing! An uncomplicated pregnancy is a good thing. Hope that all the housework gets finished up soon and that you and Matt are able to relax a bit before the baby comes.

Margaret said...

I love your "late germ" comment. That's hilarious.

Yes, people say weird this to parents and parents-to-be.

I've had friends wish a boy on me "so I'll know what it's like." I think that's so mean. Not that I wouldn't love a boy just as much as the girls, but it's like they think they are cursing me.

I guess moms just want to not feel alone, she they want you in the same boat as them.

McKay said...

Your annoyances with people's comment make me giggle. he he.

I am thrilled you are feeling great! Hopefully, they'll all be like that!

Ashley Howard said...

So today a woman at work told me that we needed to hurry up and have this baby. I wanted to punch her in the face then shout that "WE" didn't need to do anything and that this baby still has seven weeks to keep growing good. ARGH!

Kim and Brian said...

I HATED when people told me that I looked like I was ready to pop. I finally told a woman in Kroger to stand back because I just might pop all over her!
My first graders would give stickers to my baby (they'd stick them to the belly of my shirt). I walked around many days with stickers placed in weird spots on my body.