Monday, September 28, 2009

The difference of weeks and Belly painting round 2

So here we are with mere days/weeks to go. Matt and I were reflecting this past weekend on what we were doing 6 weeks into our pregnancy (going to Europe to visit 4 countries in 6-7 days) and what we were doing with 6 weeks left (not leaving the city and getting the house back in order). In all honesty looking back on things this has been the easiest trimester yet. Most people say that their second trimester was easiest, but that is when I was most tired. I have had really good amounts of energy and have been trying to take full advantage of that when possible. All in all, the time from 6 weeks in to 6 weeks left has flown by and I have not felt like much of the pregnancy has dragged on.

6 weeks in...obvious location

6 weeks left at the Cy-Fair ISD headquarters to be honored for last years award

After hearing suggestions from others, Jessica and I decided to spend more quality time together and to paint my belly again. We decided to do the world this time for a number of reasons: the whole history thing works, Mattie and I love to travel and this baby has traveled quite a bit, plus the belly is so darn globe like! I think Jessica did a great job and really enjoyed spending the time with her. She was a little surprised by my lack of talking, but I told her as the pregnancy is progressing I am turning my focus inward (not is just happening) and thinking a lot about what needs to be done.

Furthermore, Jessica got to feel the baby kick for the first time which she was convinced was not going to happen and we were surprised to see how emotional she was cute to see my little sister moved by such a "normal" thing to me now, but I know exactly how she felt. I am glad that Jessica has been such an enthusiastic supporter of the pregnancy so far. Mattie and I still are unsure if we or if Jessica (or my stepfather Fred) are more excited for this baby!

The arrow says "You are Here"

Lastly, we got a new addition to the family...a deep freeze on craigslist for $50! It was originally listed for $75, but she touched my belly and knocked $25 off the price without us asking! At first I was really excited, but now I am not sure how I feel about the use of my body for that kind of a discount... I am sure I will not mind when I am pulling meals out of the freezer after the baby is born for delicious and healthy suppers!

Back to the doctor for another scan and checkup on Thursday! Matt's mom is coming down to see the ultrasound and to bring our baby bedding!!!


mmnevill said...

PLEASE post pictures of the bedding! I can't wait to see it!!

McKay said...

No, it's just that the baby has Matt's awesome bartering skills learned in Africa! Baby was bartering from the womb!!