Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Keegan update


I cannot tell you how frequently your daddy and I feel the most sincere appreciation that God picked us to be your parents. You make us so happy, you are always sweet and affectionate, and try to make everything fun and silly. There are so many times I think to myself that I want to capture full images of you because you are simply charming and enchanting!

For some of your regular things I like to take note of, you have many favorites. When asked about your favorite color you will reply quickly, "Pink and Purple! Actually, I like all the colors!" Mommy finds that interesting since you will rarely wear anything besides a pink dress. Hopefully you will be happy with dresses and tights this winter, you will have to wear something on those strong legs! Your favorite food is spaghetti with sauce, but you also love yogurt, bagels with jelly, all types of fruit, and lots and lots of milk. You will sometimes eat a lot, especially if there is fruit, but you aren't a voracious eater. You have been like that since you were a baby though, eating your fill, then looking for new and exciting things to do. Interestingly enough, if you are in a growth spurt you eat even less. You still sleep your normal amount, but will sometimes will creep downstairs and snuggle with mommy and daddy early in the morning. While we don't want to make it a habit, we don't really mind because you are a very good snuggler. You really love all of your stuffed animals right now, especially floppy the brown dog, rainbow dash the my little pony, and all of the littlest pet shop pets. We will frequently check on you before we go to bed, only to find you, glasses on, surrounded by animals. 

You love wearing your glasses and insist on wearing them, even at night. If we take them off, you will shake your head and say, "I can't see! I can't see!" The only time you agree to leave them off for a longer period of time is when you are swimming or splashing. It's such a change from even a year ago when you would rip them off numerous times a day or lose them just to make us mad. We had a small tragedy the other day when they fell of in the middle of a game of chase and mommy accidentally crunched them. They were on their last leg anyways, but mommy's big foot sealed the deal. You have been very sad without them and your face just looks so empty without big, spectacled eyes looking up at us. We are in the midst of ordering both a back up pair and a regular pair. I had the good fortune of finding your old pair (broken and less prescription) and we are wearing those until the other ones get here. You seem much happier with a little help for your eyes. 

We often play games at dinner and try to get each of you to do different faces. I love when it's your turn because every face quickly turns into a big smile paired with giggles. You cannot help but laugh at most situations. You will give us an angry face for a few minutes then burst into laughter, you will try to look scarey, but it's not long before a grin spreads across your face. I love your scrunched up nose and big smile that spreads your overflowing joy and happiness. You tend to be a little wild, looking for new ways to do things and have fun. Daddy took you to a birthday party this past weekend and said there was a big water slide. While all the other kids took laps up and down the water slide using the traditional feet first method, it wasn't long before you were trying new ways to go down. You were quickly honing head first, backwards, sideways, turning while sliding, and getting others to go down at the same time you were. This is not an uncommon characteristic of your play, you love being adventurous and making sure you get full enjoyment of everything you do. You seem to have fun in gymnastics and are very good at the climbing aspects of class. You really want to try dance so we may switch you to that next year. You often dance through the house whether that be pretend ballet or shaking your bootie. You do love hearing music and figuring out how to make your body move along with the tune!

While you love to be wild, you also love down time. I tell people all the time that you are either going full out, 120% or you are dead still. You will play elaborate games, both active and imaginative, creating elaborate stories for your animals or dolls, or you will be sitting completely still, resting or, sometimes, thinking. You will gladly give big hugs or sit in our laps to get extra one on one contact. If you sit near someone, we often see you stretching out your hand to touch the person near you. You are very thoughtful and very kind and always look for ways to help others. You love to make dinner with mommy or set the table and you usually scamper bag and forth from the car to bring bags in from running errands. Daddy rarely has to convince you to help unload the dishwasher and we have both commented on what an amazing dishwasher you are. You happily will stand at the sink and wash the kid plates with soap and water. 

When we are leaving the house, you often run towards the door exclaiming, "Don't forget the Keegan!"  How could we ever forget you sweet girl? You have so pressed on our hearts that we love to be with you and near you and nobody could replace that to us. Thank you for being such a large part of our joy!

With love,
Mommy and Daddy

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