Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Day

Today I went to my very first nursing school informational. I have been busy collecting information online, comparing programs, and trying to decide when to take the next step. We thought nursing school would be a long way off, something to pursue a bit later, but with a fourth child still evading us, Matt and I discussed it and decided it was time for a little action and exploration on my part. In reference to nursing school that is...

In all the programs I am looking at, the common factor is the type of degree I think I will be pursuing. Many nursing schools have a fast track/second degree BSN which would allow me to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and prepare me for licensure as an RN in anywhere from one year (after pre-reqs) to two years. Obviously, as a former history teacher, I have some sciences to take first. 

Honestly, I was and am a little nervous and scared. I want to do well, at home, in school, and in a profession. I want to manage and balance it all. I want to be successful in all the ways I perceive myself of being able to be a success. I want something that's mine, a profession that I can be passionate about, and a way to serve others. It my head, and my heart, it seems ideal. To find that convergent point at which passion and commitment meet the opportunity to make money is rare in our society. I know that nursing will be good and that I will make it even better. 

Still, I'm afraid of failure, in application, school, and the profession. I'm afraid of what I will miss by committing to more studies. I'm afraid of not being enough. 

Those fears aren't enough to stop me. On one of my pinterest boards I have a quote that states, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." This dream will take a lot of work and energy. It will take sacrifice and devotion. It will take away from many things as I pour more and more into it. But that nervousness and fear is beginning to turn into adrenaline and excitement. It's a good place to be!

For now, I'm just going to informationals and meeting with advisors and beginning to narrow down my next steps. I am looking at a few schools a bit closer and I may take one of my pre-reqs next semester at a local community college if things are still moving that way later this year. I am at peace with acting upon this goal in small steps and taking the time to drink it in. 

What nursing school informational session did I attend today? Do you really need to ask?

It's on a short list, but may not be at the top. We have more schools to talk to. 

Of course, having the opportunity for some of my favorite CS foods so frequently may be taken into consideration on a pro/con list! I cannot tell you how good this sandwich was from Blue Baker today!

I am sure there will be more to write as things develop. Tonight my tummy (because of the sandwich) and head (because of the school) are full of possibilities on what direction we may take next!

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