Monday, October 13, 2014


I came across a random blog post today. I have no idea who the author is and have no correlation with her whatsoever. I am joyful that her pregnancy and baby to be is healthy and ready to meet her mom and dad. They have been through a lot. I'm being vague on purpose. 

For some strange reason, for them a credit to God's miracles, they are the 10th of a percentage point of a wrong blood test diagnosing their child with not one, but two chromosomal disorders. For clarity, they took one of these newish blood tests, received results that their child had two chromosomal disorders, and discovered that the test was wrong. It's extremely rare, but it does happen. 

I am overjoyed that their baby is healthy and will probably live, the prognosis was not great before. 

The author of the blog is ecstatic, of course, and rightly so. I was happy with her until she began making claims that crushed me. My heart sank and I fought back tears of both anger and sadness. She gave tribute to the mistake in the test as being a miracle from God, specifically as an example of the power of prayer. She exclaimed His glory as her child is healed. 

Did we not pray enough?

Did we not show enough faith?

If this is a miracle, why was my son not chosen for such an event?

If her child is healed, is my child broken?

I can't help but feel the personal sting of her commentary. 

I KNOW this was not this woman's intentions, but words hurt. I completely believe in the power of prayer and that miracles can and do occur, but this may or may not have been what happened in this instance. I believe in God's sovereignty over all aspects of my life, even when He doesn't choose to miraculously take an extra chromosome from my child's makeup. My son was still knit together with a purpose and we would have exclaimed that regardless of where that extra chromosome was placed. 

I encourage this author, whomever she is, to proceed with caution. There is a whole population of moms and dads out there who have not been handed miracles. For those of us with living children, our lives are enriched by the children we raise. For those with children whose lives were halted early, their prayers did not fall to deaf ears even if He responded differently that they pleaded. 

Still, my utmost respect and joy for the girl who lives. 

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