Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Johnny Update


You are growing every day and, to be honest, it has kind of sneaked up on us! Some of your pants aren't long enough anymore, you seem more and more like a little boy when you practice standing, and your will is getting stronger each day. I am happy for each day that you grow in our care. 

You are a funny little guy. You love to pull Tupperware out of the pantry and chase it around the house. Particularly if there are multiple pieces of Tupperware that clang and crash together as you throw, chase, and slide with them around the room. You love to make noise! The other day you were making the most hideous noise with a Tupperware lid being dragged against the wall. You will pound your hands and play drums on any piece of furniture and and loudly squeal and grunt as you look for more toys to play with. We have been leaving your short orthotics on at nap time and you love to drag your heels against the crib and knock them on the wall between the rungs. In addition to making your own noise, you love listening to any kind of music. The other day a friend was singing a song to you and you grinned at her and started rocking back and forth. When I told her that you were much more of a Beastie Boys fan, she began singing that instead and was rewarded with a huge smile and dancing. You also love to chase balls around the room and will laugh with gusto if mommy dribbles the ball around you. You love to flip through books and will sit in Mommy's lap to look through books, especially the pet book that has been your sister's favorite at this age too. 

You are a great eater and will feed yourself all of your meals except for things like yogurt or oatmeal. We are still working on using a spoon for that. But you do ok with a fork and great with finger foods so we are happy. You have the same food we do, but love Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, beans, bananas, crackers, and steak. You tried mashed potatoes for the first time at KiKi's house on Saturday and kept pulling at her arm to get you to feed her more. In fact, I think there was some urgent grunting and "mmmmmmms" in there too! You have recently dropped your morning nap for the most part. You will still doze if we are in the car running errands or going somewhere, but you don't need the morning nap and only will fall asleep for a short time. Your afternoon nap varies, but we usually try to get you to sleep for about three hours in that time. You aren't the best sleeper. I say that hesitantly because you are happy to stay in your crib that whole time (and 12 hours at night), but you toss and turn a lot and wake up frequently. I am glad that you are able to get yourself back to sleep. 

We are working on cruising around furniture and standing more independently to prepare for walking soon we hope. You are learning more sounds and signs too. You will tell me that the cow says "ooom" instead of moo which I think is adorable and you will roar whenever we ask what a dinosaur says. You are still a mama's boy and was very sad the other day when you figured out that I had gone for a few hours and daddy was the one to take care of you. That being said, you will sign "dada" and say it more frequently than you do mama. You pick up on what other people say a lot, if we say thank you to someone or tell the girls to say thank you, you will sign it independently. You also will make your puppy sound for any furry animal! We have had to tell you "no" more frequently for things, mainly for purposely dropping food off the table, and you will look at us like "how dare you tell me no!" You also try to play the cute card and will ham if up for us by making your "cheese" face if you think it will make us laugh. 

Johnny, you are an amazing kid and a wonderful son. You are sweet, stubborn, and energetic. I love the way you take everything in, observing everyone you encounter. I am proud to be your mama and enjoy and honor each day with you. 

Mommy and Daddy

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