Thursday, June 5, 2014


We always expected a few rounds of tubes for Johnny. One of the many physical manifestations of Down syndrome is smaller ears and ear canals which can lead to fluid retention and hearing issues. His first set of tubes went well, but we expected them to last longer than six months! 

The timing was perfect for our follow up with our ENT, one of the tubes had just started to dislodge and while there was fluid in his ear, he didn't have any infections yet. When the tubes were placed on Tuesday, the other tube had stopped working and fluid was gathering in that ear as well. We are grateful that our follow ups and checking in with our doctor on a regular basis have helped us avoid infection. 

Johnny did even better on this go round, they apparently only administered a teeny dose of anesthesia because he was wake and mad when they brought us back to recovery. One of the hardest parts of his last round of tubes and his sedated ABR was waiting for him to wake up. While it didn't take hours for him to wake up, it did take longer than we were told so our anticipation built as each minute ticked by. We were so grateful for our feisty boy being awake and fussing, despite dirty looks from other parents who were apparently not ok with Johnny's intermittent crying. 

We were released quickly and Johnny are a huge meal of macaroni and cheese and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets before having milk and taking a nice, long nap. He has shown no ill effects of the procedure and we are grateful for that. 

Oh no! Not again!

We have gotten Johnny new jammies when he has to be sedated. These are glow in the dark dinosaur jammies. The pants are like grown up Jammie pants and make him look like a big boy!

They gave Johnny's puppy an id bracelet too!

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