Monday, June 2, 2014

King Sized Memories

When my grandmother passed away a year ago, she left me a little bit of money. It's interesting to be left money by someone in their will, it's the second time it has happened for us as adults and we have felt an incredible sense of obligation both times. The first time could not have been more perfectly orchestrated to help us with Matt's school and setting us up for me to stay at home for the time being. This time, we wanted to honor her with something lasting and that we could feel a sense of gratitude to her for. We had been wanting a king size bed for sometime and this was the perfect item to fill that want for my grandmother's money. We mulled over it for sometime before deciding on the set we wanted, satisfied in the balance between purchasing something "fun"and something  "responsible". 

I think the more important aspect of this purchase and the hope we have that it properly honors my grandmother's memory is much more simple. It involves bottles for Johnny in the morning and extra snuggles on nights when he doesn't feel so great. 

It involves Keegan waking up as early as she can and sneaking downstairs to join us, pressed as close to us as possible. It involves Mac jumping in with us at full force in the morning, demanding breakfast and entertainment (and our insistence that she rest with us for "just a few more minutes"). It involves lazy Sunday afternoons and Daddy sharing the comics with the girls, painstakingly explaining each one and why they are funny. 

It felt nice to be remembered by my grandmother who I cared for very much, but it feels even nicer that we are using her last gift to us to build memories with our family and to spend time together. 

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