Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mommy Perspective

We celebrated Mother's Day today. Because I am volunteering in the nursery program at church, our schedules are kind of tight for a nice breakfast or some other sort of relaxing endeavors, so we moved it to today. 

It was a great day filled with sleeping in, cornmeal pancakes, chocolate glazed donut coffee, a quiet house that was perfect for organizing (two bags of recycling, one bag of trash, three bins moved to proper places, and two boxes for donating/having a garage sale), and lunch out. It was the perfect balance of spending time as a family and accomplishing some work that I felt I needed (and wanted) time for. We finished the evening off with a celebration at a friend's house.

After baths, Keegan came to find me, holding a brush in her hand. She was being sweet and funny, teasing me with kisses, and checking on Johnny and I as he laid in my arms finishing his bottle. I gave her a hug as she told me she loved me. I took her hand and tried to tell her how much she meant to me, how important she is to me, and how she is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She smiled politely and proceeded with trying to brush my hair like Anna and Elsa and blowing raspberries into her brother's feet and thighs to hear him giggle. 

I tried again to look at her, to make her feel that mommy love for her, as if I needed her to know that I would do anything for her. But she was busy with other things. 

I took it as the best sign. She knows how important she is to me in all of the things I do for her and her siblings every day. While sometimes she needs the deliberate "I love you so much moments", we make our devotion to our kids such a prevalent part of simply living, that she knows it without a second thought. In her hierarchy of needs, knowing she is loved was taken care of, playing and being silly was a better task at hand for her. 

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift. To feel that your children are perfectly confident in your love for them. Happy day to me!

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