Monday, May 5, 2014

Johnny at 18 Months


Every day you seem to come more and more into your own, the "toddler" and "boy" coming out of you all at once. You are both more active and interactive and we marvel at those changes that seem to happen overnight. 

You are a carboholic! You love cereal, crackers, and bread and will eat as much of it as we can give you. You also love avocado, king ranch chicken, and bananas if we hold them whole and feed them to you. We sometimes feed you a couple of jars of baby food at lunch to make sure you get some veggies and protein in your diet, but you are doing so much better at eating a varied amount of food that we may not do that much longer. You have also been trying to feed yourself with a spoon or with food we put on the fork for you. You still drink milk from a bottle as we are working on drinking from other cups. You will sign more, eat/food, and all done consistently at meal time. 

Your sleeping habits are still much the same, preferring to be asleep by 7:30 and sleeping until the same time in the morning. Your morning nap is getting a little more flexible, but you are not ready to drop it completely yet. If given the option, you like an hour nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. If you skip the morning though, that afternoon nap easily stretches to 4 hours sometimes. You still fold yourself in half to sleep and we will cover you with the blanket and you like to play with your stuffed animals in the morning when you wake up. The other day you signed sleepy after therapy in order to let us know it was time for bed!

You love to chase Tupperware and balls around the house and will make laps, pulling yourself around, grunting, to chase them. You also love to shake any and all toys to see what sound they make, and you love to read books. Your favorite book is the touch and feel pets book and you have movements or sounds for each page. You would gladly sit in our laps and let us read to you for an hour before moving on to something else. A new game is to stand at the window to look outside while practicing your standing. Speaking of outside, you love to play outside, pulling up grass and scrubbing around in the dirt. Your legs are getting long and lanky, it's funny to see them poking out of your shirts because you look like such a big boy!

You are very, very vocal and will babble and sqwak your way through errands, play time, and meals. People think you are mad or upset as you "talk" and I have to assure them you are just testing out your vocal cords. You will get mad if we pick you up when you are trying to play or if we put you in your car seat when you don't want to go anywhere. Usually you pair this anger with the sign of "all done" as if your yelling at us wasn't enough. We do love that you are working hard to tell us what you want and need, we just need to assure you that mommy and daddy know best! For the most part you are a sweet boy, but we have a feeling there is a naughty streak somewhere inside you. You have started enjoying "escaping" from us and you made several people laugh as you "crawled" away from us in the halls at church yesterday, giggling, and looking back to see if we were following you. You also have developed a biting habit, but only with mommy, on Friday you crawled over to me, bit my hand, and looked up at me grinning. 

Johnny- we love you sweet boy (even with the naughtiness) and can't wait to see how you change over the next month or so, I feel that a huge brain growth spurt is here and that you will learn a lot in that time. We love spending time with you and learning more about you each day!

Mommy and Daddy

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