Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mac's Bday Parties

We decided to have MacKenzie's birthday party a few weeks early this year for a number of reasons. One, I was worried that I would get more and more tired as I got closer to Raptor's due date (correct). Two, October was massively busy and we didn't want to push her party back into November (good call on our part). Three, Matt had a final the weekend closest to her birthday (and he did pretty well with no extra bday stress).

She has been very into Mickey and Minnie Mouse lately so we decided to have that as our theme for the party. We ordered a dress off etsy, decorated with red, yellow, and black (because I simply don't understand this "updated" Minnie who is pink!) and made Mac's favorite meal of pancakes, eggies, and sausage. We of course indulged in cupcakes too! 

As mentioned previously, we spent time at the pumpkin patch this month too and took a picture of Mac pretty close to her being exactly three years old!

On her real birthday we tried lighting floating didn't work due to mechanical error...we will try again soon!

We also managed to get together at my Dad's with that whole side of the family for a celebration for MacKenzie and my Dad. They enjoy sharing their birthdays together and now Baby Raptor get's to share in the October birthday fun too!!!

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