Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4 weeks of Johnny


Today you are four weeks old. I cannot believe it and honestly, I think I am still a little shell shocked from your very fast and somewhat unexpected delivery and you already being with us. There were times when Mommy was pregnant with you that time seemed to slow down with all of the stress of worrying about you and now time is going much to quickly!

In the past four weeks we have gone to a lot of doctor appointments, spent an extra night at the hospital, learned more about ourselves as a family of five, and celebrated Thanksgiving! Your doctor appointments are going well, but it is a lot of wait and see. Wait and see if you are gaining weight. Wait and see if your holes in your heart heal. Wait and see about your hearing. Wait and see about your nursing. You are teaching Mommy and Daddy a lot about patience. Mommy thought she was organized before, but you have added a new level of organization.

You are a very, very good baby. You are very relaxed and rarely need much. You are often content to lay on the couch or in someones arms and just chill. Sometimes you will take a pacifier or your thumb, but you don't need it to relax or go to sleep. You like being swaddled, but don't have to be. You will wake up to eat and go right back to sleep without any effort. The only frustration we can site is with breastfeeding which we were fully prepared for.

You sleep most of the day and will eat 8-10 times a day. You have given Mommy several nights of 4 hour stretches of sleep for which she is very grateful for. You have a few periods of wakefulness in which you will calmly look around taking it all in. Your hair is still very dark and looks a little coarser than Mac and Keeg's hair. Your eyes seem to be getting bluer but it is way to early to tell. Everyone talks about how sweet and small you are. To Mommy, you are already getting bigger as your limbs have started stretching out even more. I agree that you are very sweet though. People also comment on how big your feet are and how scrawny your legs are.

Johnny, thank you for blessing our family. You were definitely much anticipated and well worth the anticipation, hope, and prayers. We love you and look forward to a lot more time with you.

Mommy and Daddy

 Exactly 4 weeks old!!!

Mac wore this outfit on her first fit her better! 

Johnny and Mommy on Johnny's due date

The girls love their baby brother!

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martha said...

What a sweetie! Wish we could hold him! I love the last photo with all the kids. Praying for you all - amish you!