Sunday, November 11, 2012


My sister is a very talented artist who has painted my belly three times before (twice for Mac, once for Keegan). We mulled over what to paint and decided together on this picture because Baby Raptor reminds us so of a little penguin or Mumble from Happy Feet...we just need to help this little one figure out what it's heart song is. We enjoy our special sister/auntie time with the belly painting and I treasure the experiences we have with painting. I think she nailed this painting exactly and love how cute she did of a job on it.

The next two pictures are my last belly pictures...

 32 weeks

36 weeks

The last weeks of pregnancy treated me well although it got harder and harder to move around towards the end. Matt would chuckle at me rolling around while trying to get out of bed in the night to use the restroom. Most nights I would get up three or four times! I felt great overall though and enjoyed the change to cooler weather so I could go on walks with MacKenzie and Keegan that I knew would be beneficial to all of us!

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