Sunday, November 13, 2011

So behind

I am so far behind on the blogging world. I am sure anyone who stumbles upon reading this that actually knows me would understand why. I am one of the busiest people I know and friends frequently comment that I am the busiest person they know too! I love to be busy, I love to go and do, and interact, and serve, and be accomplishing things. That being said, I don't neccessarily feel like I bit off more than I can chew, I just think that I got a bite with a little bit of extra grissel in it so I am trying to chew it slowly so I don't spit it into my napkin!

Teaching has changed so much just in the year that I was away from it. I was recently asked if teaching is a hard job. My response was no, the teaching itself was not hard for me. The things that take place between 7:25 and 2:30 are challenging, but completely rewarding and worth it (most of the time). What makes teaching hard is all of the other stuff. Expect a very long post that addresses this later.

The girls are still amazing and doing such a great job in other's care. I am so proud of the little girls they are both becoming and treasure every minute that I get to have with them. I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving break in a week and Christmas break shortly after that.

Matt has been very busy. He passed his GMAT with flying colors, was accepted to several MBA programs around Houston, and will be selecting one this week. I will wait until he makes the final decision to post about which one and if anyone is in need of a spreadsheet that covers all of the MBA options then let us know, his work was extremely thorough. If he maintains that diligence throughout his program then he should be on a very clear path for success!

I will hopefully find time to post a bit more in the coming two weeks. I have much to post about and the cutest pictures of the girls too.

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McKay said...

SO proud of Matt!