Sunday, October 23, 2011

MacKenzie is 2!!!


At this point two years ago we were just winding down our evening saying goodbye to Auntie Crystal and Uncle Darren and trying to relax. You decided to tell us you were on your way in just a few short minutes from this moment! How funny that we are now winding down our evening from a party to celebrate your second year of life and to look forward to your third year (and we even said goodbye to Auntie Crystal again). Tomorrow you were born two years ago. You went from this teeny helpless little child who had no way of telling me exactly what she wanted to being this tall and amazingly capable young girl who is articulate, kind, and so smart! Two years ago the center of my world changed and I hope you know I completely revolve my life around you.

This past year has been amazing and I can only hope that you have another amazing year ahead of you. I hope all the wonderful things that happened to you and our family are multiplied by a million. I hope all of the new abilities you have and all of your wonderful skills that you have learned are gained another tenfold (or more). It has been so much fun to see who you have become and who you might be. I want to let you know that I believe that you can do anything and be anything that you want to be and I hope I remember to give you that freedom for you to grow.

In the past month you have started to pick up on things much quicker and can learn easily. You repeat many things that we say (which means we have to watch what we say more often) and will ask even more questions about the world around you. It is difficult to keep track of all the progress you have made in the last month, but I assure you that you astound us on a very frequent basis (multiple times a day). Auntie Crystal is so good about sharing so many of the funny things you do (playing with her cats and dog, fashioning your own sling to wear a stuffed animal in, feeding the ducks and walking all the way around the pond). Mommy's heart aches to spend all of this time with you again, but I am relishing the times we have together after my work and know we will be spending that time together again soon.

Some of the new skills you have developed or improved on is eating with your silverware (you insist on having silverware and will frequently manually put the food on the silverware and then put it in your mouth), your dancing has become even more elaborate (lots of hand waving and bouncing/rocking), swinging on a regular swing and sliding on your playset, wanting to walk in all of the stores we go to, you are working on dressing and undressing yourself, and you are getting better at remembering things we have done or are looking forward to doing.

Mommy had been preparing you for a dentist appointment yesterday. We practiced opening our mouth and saying Ahhhh and we talked about going to the dentist and how he would look at your teeth. We ended up having to cancel, but you woke up on Saturday asking about the dentist and you were upset when I had to tell you we weren't going. It was very new to me that you could remember something like that and knew that it should be on the correct day.

You also got your very first haircut (a barely trim) this past week. You did so well as you sat and watched your Elmo and got a little bit off the ends. It still all falls into your face, but it is a definite improvement in the back. Also, you were in your very first wedding. Your Uncle Marty got married to Erin and we are so excited for them. I will post more about your wedding duties, but I loved seeing you act so grownup at the wedding.

I know there are a million things I should be thinking about writing, but I cannot tell you enough how much I love you, how much I am proud of you, and how much you make my heart sing for the things you do and the person you are. I love you and I love the direction you are headed, I hope that you continue to be blessed as we are certainly blessed to have you in our lives.

I love you and Happy BIrthday!
Mommy and Daddy

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The Marin Family said...

Feels like yesterday that we were welcoming her into the world. What an amazing little girl she has become!