Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keegan's (late) 7 months!


What an amazing 7 (and a half) months it has been. You have grown up so much in the last month that I hardly know where to start. I guess I should start by apologizing for being so tardy with this post. I promise that I do not love you any less.

We will start with eating and sleeping habits. You are still sleeping great from 8:30 until 8:30 if we let you although some mornings you have to get up early to go to child care. I am so glad that we went ahead and put both you and your sister in the same room and hope you enjoy it while you are still young. There have been no issues and we just make sure that your naps are separate since they aren't at the same time or for the same length of time. You will usually take two bottles from your different sitters and then mommy will nurse you for 5-6 mini feeding sessions after she gets you after work. I suppose that is a bit of reverse cycling occurring, but Mommy makes less food in the afternoon anyways. You are also eating solids (pureed baby food) twice a day and will munch on some baby puffs or fruit in the mesh feeder if you need a little snack. You really liked the mixed roasted veggies Mommy made for you and I think you prefer food with a bit of texture in it. You have started to grab for the spoon or cups to try and take care of that yourself, but aren't quite coordinated enough. During meals if you aren't dozing we will put you in the high chair where you will try to feed yourself puffs or thawed frozen peas.

You are sitting up a lot on your own and have started reaching out for more things then putting yourself back into an upright sitting position. You love to look around and observe everything that is going on. You are also really starting to move around a lot and trying to wiggle yourself into where you want to go. After you get tired of wiggling too much though you will lay on your tummy and wave your arms and legs around like a beached whale "crying" until someone rescues you. You are such a mover though! You love to bounce and will jump up and down in an exersaucer or other jumper for babies. Daddy always talks about how "expressive" your feet are and it's true...they are always wiggling around and it seems to go with your move. It is hard for us to realize how tall you are because your legs are always bent or are in a mid kicking position.

You have your first tooth and the second wasn't far behind! You cut the bottom right (your right) tooth just before your "birthday" with minimal pain, but with a lot of sleeping. It is so cute to see that shiny white tooth poking through your big gummy smile. Hopefully that tooth will cause you to say some new sounds because if Mommy isn't careful your babble of "dadadadadadadadada" is going to turn into a legitimate "Da-Da" soon. You love to shriek and squeal as loud as you can and will laugh at almost anything. You love to catch MacKenzie's attention and to laugh at things she does, but will also laugh if anyone touches around your neck or blows raspberries into your sides. You also like to be startled by Mommy and will reward her with big smiles when playing "Peek-a-boo". You have been very clingy lately, but only as long as someone is doesn't matter who, it just needs to be someone! You are also sharing a big girl bath with Sissy so it has been fun for Dada to have more interaction time with you there.

We are so happy and thankful for the last month Keegan. We love watching you grow and seeing what you will do next. We are completely devoted to you and hope you realize how much you are loved.

Mommy and Daddy

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The Marin Family said...

Love the photos! She is so adorable, just like her sister, but different!