Monday, November 21, 2011

Matt's School

Matt has long since wanted to earn his MBA. He feels that it is as necessary now for success and advancement in the work place as an undergraduate degree was 20 years ago. With more and more people entering the working field with undergrads and internships (which he was unable to do because of consistently working as a manager 30-40 hours a week...which isn't taken into consideration by many companies because it is fast food and for some reason does not count...but I digress) then he wanted something to give him an edge.

He mulled over which programs for months. With me going back to work, he kicked his mulling into high gear and made a very complete and thorough (how repetitive and redundant was that) spreadsheet comparing the programs in this area. Among considerations was reputability, price, class flexibility, and location. We even put the u.t. program here in Houston on the list (but ultimately had to veto for the same reason we vetoed A & M and Tulane...price). He narrowed the list down to his top three choices- University of St. Thomas, HBU, and University of Houston. Matt studied hard for his GMAT and was accepted and offered at least financial aid at all three schools. After more mulling he decided on...

HBU! He is all registered for the spring and will take 9 hours this spring and hopefully another 3 during the May mini-mester. The nights that he is gone for school will be a little lonely and sometimes stressful, but it makes me happy and proud to see how hard he is working for both himself and for our family. He is also excited to have an excuse to stretch his brain a little rather than continue to answer the mundane questions that I am sure he gets a thousand times or more at work.

Go Huskies!

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