Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keegan is half a year


Yesterday you turned 6 months old! Is it possible for you to already be that old? It seems like just yesterday we were finding out we were expecting you and now you are already a real baby! We see you do things and we think to ourselves that you shouldn't be doing that, you aren't nearly old enough, but you are. You are just our little sweet pea and we always think of you as a teeny little baby instead of a girl who is growing and becoming more and more active each day. You went to the doctor yesterday and you weigh about 17.5 pounds and are over 26 inches long (around the 70th percentiles for both), you also barely cried for your shots...such a brave girl!

You are eating solids! Only once a day and only a very little bit, but you have tried cereal, carrots, peas, and green beans. We like to start babies off with veggies so they don't get used to sweet fruit (because then you would only want to eat sweet stuff). You have enjoyed it and will grab the spoon to try and feed yourself. It will only be a few weeks before you are grabbing at little finger foods to try and feed yourself so Mommy is enjoying this time where she gets to feed you, even if it is very messy. With me going back to work you are drinking pumped milk for two to three bottles a day and nursing the other 5 or so. You enjoy nursing, but when you are done you would much rather look around and play than laying or snuggling with Mommy.

Your sleeping schedule is changing a little bit. You are taking a 1 hour or so nap in the morning, a three hour or so nap in the evening, and will usually go down for bed around 8 and wake up once to eat before sleeping through the night. Mommy thinks it is funny that when she wakes up in the morning she usually wakes up to find your smiling face peering up in the crib. You usually have rolled onto your back and either have your arms behind your head or your feet curled up in the air while sleeping. You also enjoy sucking on your middle fingers still, but you don't do that all the time. You enjoy bath time and will lay there listening to Dada talk to you while washing all your body parts.

You have been playing more and more and love your exersaucer where you can play and stand up at the same time. You aren't consistently rolling over from tummy to back, but you can do it and you have started working yourself into moving around in circles some. You are getting good at reaching out for stuff and playing with it (Mommy will need to watch her cup more). You always look like you are studying...people, toys, the are very observant and studious looking...but you also look very relaxed and laid back. You always look at people when they are talking and you like to give them a big gummy smile when they look back at you. You are a very relaxed baby unless you are very tired or very hungry...then you will scream like a wild banshee. Your cry is very piercing and is definitely a girly shriek...I'm glad it is reserved for only a few times here and there. You love to try and talk and will have entire conversations where you are talking to yourself and trying different sounds out. You love for us to blow raspberries on your tummy and in your neck (which is very ticklish) and love for us to pretend to eat your fingers or toes. You are very giving with your laugh when we do these things. You have started straining more against the car seat in the car, especially to look at MacKenzie and to laugh at her. You girls already laugh and talk together, I am so happy to see how your relationship develops more each day.

Keegan you are simply a joy. People love to talk to you and to see your smile and to comment on how big and beautiful your eyes are. They talk about healthy you look and what a good baby you are. We are so thankful for you in our lives.

We love you always!
Mommy and Daddy

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The Marin Family said...

I can't believe it, 6 mos! I love the A&M picture-adorable! She looks good in those colors! Before we know it, they'll be in college!