Tuesday, August 30, 2011

22 months with Mac


Sorry about the tardiness of this post. In all honesty I completely forgot until after your month birthday had past and then figured as long as I was a few days late, I could be a few more. I know you appreciate me focusing on spending time with you girls when I'm not at work though.

You are so smart, such a ham, and so lovable.

It is amazing how much you are learning each and every day. You have started telling us the names of animals in addition to the sounds that they make, you know all your colors, and can identify and say almost all of the capital letters. You are getting to be very good at naming people and you are remembering who goes in which family (for example when we ask you about Dee, you will ask about Doc too). Mommy thinks it is funny that you will listen for the ring tone and try to guess who is calling Mommy. If you are playing like you are talking on the phone you will usually call Dada or KiKi (who you sometimes call Tuh-tah and sometimes call Ki-ki). I think our next big project will be in relation to counting, you will point to items as we count them and will make sounds like you are trying to count. Sometimes we can hear you say six and seven when counting randomly, but we aren't sure. You are saying more and more multi-syllable words and will try to string multiple words together into sentences. It is so shocking to hear some of the sentences you will say or repeat. You have also been doing a lot of singing your own tunes, picking out words in familiar songs, and doing motions to songs (especially The Ants Go Marching and I'm a Little Teapot). Of course your favorite phrase is "read book", you have also started asking to "play blocks", "snack please", and "elmo watch please". I would put Go Dog, Go as your favorite book right now, but you also like many others. It is cute to see what songs you want me to sing as you will make a pouty face and sound if you don't like what I am singing until I change it.

You are a big goober and will intentionally do things to make us and your sister laugh. Anytime someone asks you to smile you will give them a big cheesy smile and wink one eye closed. We have had to delay any picture attempts for a few seconds until you open your other eye! Because of this we taught you the Popeye laugh to go along with your winking. In other ways to try and please us, we are teaching you all sorts of Aggie behavior like Whooping, Horse-laughing, Gig'em Aggies, and Howdy. It is cute to hear you do all of these things, but even you have your limits and will say "nooooo" if you are done showing off. You like to tickle people and like to get in Keegan's face to try to make her smile and laugh. You just look very pleased whenever you are successful in making us happy...which you do without even trying. You love to cuddle up and read books, give kisses, and when we tell you to squeeze in hugs you will put your hands on our shoulders and squeeze them. You are so affectionate to the people you know and love and quickly warm up to others. Two Sundays ago you were moved to the next nursery class at church (you are now a Monkey) and went right in without any problems or complaints. Thank you for making my life that much easier.

You prefer juice to any other drink and will often drink a little slush if we get one for a treat. You look like such a big girl holding a cup and drinking out of the straw. You really like fries, but not mashed potatoes. You have been indifferent about vegetables lately, but not to the point where we are going to start force feeding you. Your spoon skills have definitely improved and you are getting better about not dropping oatmeal or applesauce off of your spoon. Your favorite snack right now is multi grain cheerios (che-lee-ohs) and are still crazy about pasta (esp mac and cheese) and pizza. We often ask you what you want for breakfast and will alternate between pancakes, eggies, and oatmeal. If eating a peanut butter sandwich you will eat part of it, then open it up and lick off all the peanut butter! You are doing very well out of Mommy's care and I love the concentrated time I am devoting to you girls in the evening. Your naps and sleep is wonderful and you are doing great sharing a room with your sister.

MacKenzie, this list is brief compared with all the amazing things you do each day. Our love for you is immeasurable. Thank you for blessing us each and every moment.

Mommy and Daddy

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