Saturday, August 6, 2011


A lot has happened in the past week...but it all started last Wednesday...

Wednesday night: We went to our good friends, The Roberds, for dinner. Allen and I first met when I started teaching at Cy-Ridge. He also taught on my team as a World History teacher and became Team Leader my second year. We ended up moving down the street from him and enjoyed visiting and growing a friendship between our family and his. Allen is a lot like me and is definitely like the big brother I never had. At dinner they let us know that they are moving back to Utah in the next month to couple of months. We are very happy for them and that this means better opportunities for them as well as more time with their families. They will definitely be missed however and I may have been more than a little sad to hear this news. In the course of talking about their move Allen talked about putting in his resignation at the school and we laughed about the fact that if I wanted a job then it was available. Matt and I talked about it more at home, but decided that a number of factors were working against us and maybe this wasn't the best timing. We both privately thought about it a lot more and thought about how we could make things work if I was to return to school.

Monday afternoon: I get a call from another teacher on my team asking if I was interested in coming back. We talked about it for awhile and I decided that Matt and I should really commit some prayer time and discussion to the possibility of me returning to work. We sent out a prayer request to our ABF and talked to some family about what this would mean from our family. We did feel strong support and love from so many of our friends and family and we are extremely thankful for that. We also looked at every angle and possibility. We didn't let ourselves get too excited about the positives and didn't let ourselves get too down about the negatives. We thought about it, reflected on it, and prayed on it.

Tuesday morning: We talked some more.

Tuesday afternoon: We talked some more. Then we decided that just because a few co-workers might want me for the position that doesn't mean that I am a shoe-in for the position, there are a number of factors that could play into hiring for the district. So we placed things further in God's hands and told my would be new Team Leader to throw my name out there and see what happens. We also began to inquire about childcare and started preparing ourselves for me having the position because we knew it would be easier to get out of working mindset than to put myself into it. I got a call back later and was told to call the school to set up an official interview.

Wednesday day: I called and set up my interview and prepared to do my best feeling confident that if this was supposed to happen then it would.

Thursday afternoon: I arrive for my interview, sit quietly while the Associate Principal and Department Chair finish an interview for a different position, and go through all my wonderful talking points in my head. After our obligatory greetings I sit down and wait for all the tough questions. I am told this is not an actual and official interview, they just want to go over a few things with me. We chat for about 15 minutes, tell me they are happy to have me back and that I should try to come in next week for Orientation. I am instantly relieved on the job side of things, I am excited to teach again and happy about what this means for securing our finances and maybe providing Matt with the chance to pursue an advanced degree. I immediately feel overwhelmed however about all the things at home that need to be taken care of and all the details that need to fall into place. As I walked out of the school I began to cry, not out of sadness for working, but just in an uncontrollable wave of emotion at all the stress I was able to let go of and all of the new stress I would be taking on at the same time. But the facts remain...We are assured that this is the path we are meant to leave, feel so happy about being in teaching again, and glad for such an amazing opportunity (in this economic climate it is almost unheard of to be offered a teaching job like this in this manner). I feel confident that it will make me a better mother and wife as it will force me to focus and concentrate on them in an attempt to "make up" for the time spent in the classroom. I have been so appreciative of this time home with the girls and teaching is truly a great profession for getting to spend time with your own children as well. I am not sure how long this "stint" will be, we are taking things as they come.

We really appreciate everyone's help, support, and prayers and will continue to rely on that this year. I am sure you will get to hear some amazing stories and hopefully some funny ones too as I endeavor to educate 180 15 and 16 year olds this year!

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Jenn said...

I know you will do a great job of balancing both! Congrats on the return to Ridge!