Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haircut 2010

As previously mentioned, I recently cut all of my hair off again. I really like having long hair, but when you have super long, straight, fine hair that is difficult to do much with down...you have a tendency to put it up a lot. This tendency becomes a lot stronger when you have little 7 month old hands grabbing and pulling as hard as they can. I felt guilty having all this hair that I love when I don't do anything with it...so it was time for another cut and not a moment too late seeing as we have over 100 degrees here in Texas on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. Lucky for me, my stepfathers mother is now in town and she was willing to cut my hair for me!!!

So here is me pre-cut...long cascading hair...

I was most nervous about this cut, but I am not sure why. As per Locks of Love instructions my hair was dry, we put it in a rubber band and started to decide where to cut. When she said 10 inches was at my shoulder blades I had to think whether I still wanted longish hair or not...I decided I wanted a full cut and told her to go shoulder length. She was hesitant but I had done this before, I knew what a big change it would be. She pulled the rubber band up higher and got the scissors and began making the big cut. I cannot describe how strange it is to be hearing the scissors rip through your hair like that. It is a little grating when it is so close to your ears! As she cut through the massive pony tail, the already cut parts started to fall forward- there was no turning back now!

This is me during my cut. I automatically felt a weight lifted off
(not my shoulders), but my head!

Post cut MacKenzie was hungry so we didn't get a big fashion shoot!

Here is a close up of what I call my sassy pants hair!
Yes, it is not styled or even blow dryed...I am a busy mommy what can I say!

Matt likes the new hair cut because it reminds him of me when we first started dating and got together...

I like the hair because it is a lot lighter and easier to manage. When I took my first post-cut shower I had to remind myself not to use too much shampoo. I got in the shower and victoriously got a perfect amount of shampoo for my new hair, then realized I hadn't gotten my hair wet yet...

So below is the hair ready to be measured...I was shocked when it measured to be 16 inches! That is the most I have been able to donate at once so far! I am really excited that they have a good amount to work with!

This cut will be sent in honor of my dear friend (even if she does work at that other school down in Austin), Dr. Joan Shiring who is in remission, I asked where she wanted it sent and she wanted Locks of Love to continue having the hair for their organization.

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martha said...

Wow, that is a lot of hair! Love the new do - you look great!