Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The best balloon ever...

Whenever MacKenzie was born we received many gifts at the hospital. Apparently people felt bad that we had all gender neutral items and nobody would know that our baby was a little girl so many of the items we received were pink! We also got some beautiful flowers and a lone balloon pictured here:

As far as helium balloons go, it was not anything special. It was a standard, bought at the grocery store, given to me and MacKenzie by my mother, "It's a Girl!" balloon. We stared gleefully at it as we relished in the fact that we finally knew who this little creature was that had been growing inside of me! We took the balloon home with all of the other gifts we received fully expecting that we would soon be putting the balloon in the trash. It was after all, a balloon. They give you temporary joy and then are thrown away. We put the balloon in our entryway and passed it occasionally as our lives began to shape as a family. Days passed, then weeks, then months and the balloon still held on. It did not float as high as it once did, but floated it did. We kept expecting it to fully fall to the ground, but stayed higher than our entry way mirror which meant it was definitely floating (rather than "suspending"). We began to wonder about this balloon, but it was nice to see that reminder of our post-partum days! It was also convenient when we had a baby shower at our home for a friend who was expecting a little girl! Eventually though, the balloon's time with us was over and it fell softly to the ground, knowing that it had as full of a life as a balloon has ever had. That ballon was the best balloon we ever had...it lived for 15 weeks...thank you for your time with us little helium filled balloon.

R.I.P. Helium filled Ballon 10.24.2009-02.07.2010

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