Saturday, March 13, 2010

20 weeks!


I cannot believe you are already 20 weeks old! You have grown up so much in the past four weeks and you are so much fun to hang out with and do things with after Mommy and Daddy get home from work. You are usually sleeping through the night which Mommy and Daddy are very grateful for. There are a few days here and there that you have a rough night, but it isn't regular enough that we have stopped telling people what a wonderful sleeper you are. We appreciate that about you. You still like to be swaddled and you lay on your side to sleep, but in the morning we usually walk by your crib and see that you have moved on to your back or your other side. You are slowly giving up the pacifier by yourself. We rarely use it anymore and you usually get mad at us if we try to give it to you. You would much rather suck on your own hands (all of the hand, not just the thumb) or someone else's hands. We have noticed you are bringing more items to your mouth to try sucking and chewing on them. The doctor said you are thinking of teething, but nothing is pushing through yet.

You are a champion eater. You eat for the sitters about every 3 hours, but if Mommy is around, you like to eat every 2 hours. You are getting much more efficient at eating and smile at Mommy if she is talking while you eat. Mommy has had no problems keeping up with you, but you eat for a long time after she picks you up from your sitters. Mommy likes the excuse to veg for a bit while you nurse to your hearts content. After you are done you usually doze for a bit and wake up ready to play. We enjoy playing on the blanket and you roll back and forth while I read or grab your feet (which is a fairly recent discovery). You love when we pull you up to a standing position and to plop back on the bed or our laps. You also like talking to Mommy while you play. I say that you are telling me about all of the wonderful things you do each day! Your naps are a bit sporadic, but you definitely enjoy a two hour nap around 12:30. One of your favorite things is bath time with just stare at the baby in the mirror and when Daddy puts your hooded towel you look around knowing how cute you are!

You went to nursery for the first time last Sunday and they said you were perfect. Many people love to interact with you because you smile and laugh so easily at them. We take you everywhere with us (especially out to eat, Kroger, and Target) and enjoy your company! We cannot get over what a good baby you are...thank you for that!

MacKenzie we love you even more this Saturday than we did 20 weeks ago. You are the best baby and better than we could have ever imagined. We are so glad we are making you happy and helping you grow big and strong!

Mommy and Daddy

(at the doctor)

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martha said...

I'm so glad you have an easy baby! I love that second to last photo, the sleeping one - absolutely precious! Just want to kiss and hug her!